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The Hole-in-the-Wall Park offers 100 hectares of natural terrain unique to this coastal area of the Bay of Fundy — most of it surrounded by the Bay. Visitors can explore on foot or by vehicle or mountain bike. You can spend as little as 30 minutes riding/biking on your own to the viewing decks, hiking down to the Hole-in-the-Wall. Add more than an hour of hiking if the Red Trail beckons!

These 100 hectares (300 acres) of Grand Manan have been in the owner's family for 200 years. The owner/manager lives on site. It is with pride that the campground and viewing areas are developed with the focus of sharing the beauty of the location. As the aerial view below indicates, you are only a couple of kilometers from restaurants, attractions, a great bakery, shopping, etc.

Aerial of the North Head, Grand Manan

Campground Area A

How to get here

Whenyou leave the ferry, turn right and follow the "Old Airport Road". There are lots of signs to help you find your way. From the ferry it's only 1km to the park!

This aerial view will help to show where the Park and Campground are located in relation to the ferry wharf.

There are up to 7 ferry crossings (90-minute trip) a day in the summer from the New Brunswick (Canada) mainland at Black's Harbour, a port half-way between Calais, Me, and the City of Saint John.


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